EURO-SIONADO in Fundación Luis Seoane, La Coruña, Spain

The working project the artist develops consists of a reflection on artistic practice and its methods. Focusing on drawing activity, it seeks to explore the limit of two-dimensional existence as the boundary of what is constructed as three-dimensional, aiming to establish relationships between representations and reality that foster investigation of this threshold. It also reflects on the role of the artist, art, and the viewer while enjoying the social interactions that derive from these activities.

Issues inscribed as a place through social relations, and treated with the concepts of interactive and interactivity to recontextualize ideas materialized as created objects, which, inserted into the creative processes of exhibitions as formal and dialectical syntheses, involve the field of art and life as products, resulting in the work developed and its poetic dimension.

The presented works consist of playful mechanisms (games) elaborated in the form of wooden boxes with transparent acrylic lids, sized for manipulation by visitors. Each box has the configuration of a map of 7 countries of the European Union (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, and Sweden). Inside them, graphite balls move through a labyrinthine space full of obstacles, inspired by the forms of some paintings by artists from the 60s like the American Frank Stella.

The movements of the viewers while manipulating the pieces will generate traces drawn on sheets of paper placed there, representing the interpersonal relationships of the spectators with things and between them, throughout the exhibition period.

With this work project, the aim is to observe the poetics that intersect with formal differences that, through individual activities, in realizing intersubjectivity, summon life as a concept to form the holistic synthesis that addresses art and the unique thing.

Support: Concello da Coruña | VIARCO
Photographs: Iván Casal Nieto

Marco Moreira

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