Counterpoint Trains


At the invitation of the “Estação” project, “Counterpoint Trains”, a work that brings together a set of 21 compositions by several Portuguese professional guitarists, was exhibited and listened to at the former Canelas Train Station in Estarreja.

Opening: March 25th at 5 pm, Rua da estação, in Estarreja.

“Counterpoint Trains” is a sound installation that takes as its starting point the vinyl record by Steve Reich, “Different Trains / Electric Counterpoint” (Kronos Quartet, Pat Metheny), released in 1989 by Elektra/Asylum/Nonesuch Records. 92 picks were cut from this vinyl record, and 21 professional Portuguese guitarists were invited to create a guitar composition that evokes train sounds, using one of the cut picks for this purpose. Finally, and gathering all the compositions, a new vinyl record was recorded, titled after the installation’s name.

Marco Moreira

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