Forma Balaguer, espacios de arte contemporáneo


Religare, 2021

Pine wood, cotton fabric and graphite. Video display using a television and multimedia player.

200 x 200 cm

Developed for the contemporary art exhibition Forma Balaguer, espacios de arte contemporáneo, the Religare project consisted of an event that was developed within the Iglesia del Miracle in Balaguer, during the period of celebration of the mass at 12:00 on October 3rd 2021, where graphite was drawn on two cotton canvases, the footprints of people who visited and participated in the religious event at that time. For this purpose, a carpet was installed in the central corridor of the sanctuary so that when it was stepped on, it would transfer the footprints of the visitors’ shoes to the two canvases placed underneath. When the ceremony ended, these two canvases were removed and fixed in a cross-shaped frame previously prepared for this purpose. In the end, the cross was installed on the church’s façade and inside a video showed the people walking at mass.

With the support of Viarco Fábrica Portuguesa de Lápis.

Marco Moreira

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